Carles Sora

imatge de csora

Carles Sora works as adjunct lecturer and researcher of interactive communication at the Audiovisual Communication Studies of UPF, where teaches in graduate and postgraduate courses. Sora holds a PhD in Communication in the field of digital temporalities from UPF (2015), an Interdisciplinary Master in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from UPF (2009) and a B.S. in Multimedia.

He works as interactive designer, directs and collaborates in interactive projects in contexts such as cultural and scientific dissemination, theater and education. He was founder member of the study (2009) and director of the Digital Technologies for the Stage programme (2010).

Research Lines:

Interactive Documentaries; Digital Time; Interactive Museography; Digital Performance; Digital Humanities; Digital Art, New Media.

Actual teaching at UPF:

  • End-of-Degree Workshop on Interactive Communication, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication. 
  • 3D animation, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication.
  • Design and Scripting interactive cultural apps, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication.
  • Interactive Narratives, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication.

Past courses at UPF: 

  • Digital Culture, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication.
  • Real-time audiovisual programming (max/msp/jitter). Master en Digital Arts.
  • Interactive interfaces for digital arts. Master en Digital Arts.
  • Interactive video for performing arts. Postgraduate course in Digital Technologies for the Stage.
  • Director of Postgraduate course in Digital Technologies for the Stage.
  • Video design, Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication.
  • Infographic techniques, Bachelor's degree in Public Relations.



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